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"Trimming Toe Nails" by Tex Thomas

If you are taking your rabbit to a show, it is a courtesy to trim the nails prior to entry. This saves a lot of grief from both the judge who has to evaluate the rabbit, and the exhibitor/helper-handler who wishes to get the entry on the table without receiving scratches.

Regular fingernail clippers or dog nail clippers work very well for the job. Just be sure that you are only tipping the nail, not cutting it back to the point that color can’t be determined. Show animals must have long enough toenails for the judge to determine the coloration or it is a disqualification. Depending on the toenail length, usually it is desirable to cut about 1/3 of the way back. This may vary if the toenails have been allowed to grow without trimming over a considerable length of time.

Try not to cut far enough back to cause the toenail to bleed. The trimming should be done at home, several days prior to a show, as you don’t want to put an exhibit rabbit on the table with a bleeding toenail because you have inadvertently cut too deep.

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