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"Flying with Rabbits" by Bianca Haering

March 2023

When I hear people say you cannot fly with rabbits my answer will be always: Wrong!

Rabbit breeders from Alaska are used to put rabbits in the cargo space for shows especially conventions. Me personally, I never had issues with Alaska Airlines. The procedure is pretty simple sometimes a bit nerve wrecking.

You have to book your flights before you can confirm kennel space. So book the flight you wish and call or text them immediately the wish of the kennels and how many. Usually, you can reserve 2 kennels per person, but it depends on the size of the aircraft. Otherwise, the Alaska Airline Staff are always happy to find you a different connection with the space.

We put our rabbits in either 3 hole or 4 hole carries but depending on size of the rabbit. We equip the kennel with puppy pee pads for easier clean up and 2 bowls (one for food, one for water). We can transport approximately 9 commerical-sized rabbits in one 500 kennel. Secret tip if you get your carrier cut a little bit shorter: you can fit 3 rows of kennels in. Due that shipping always kills us in Alaska we pack other stuff like bowls, supplements and such in the kennel.

Make sure you have a health certificate within 10 days to provide the airline. Be courteous and friendly to your airport staff and know the regulations and most important be plenty early at the airport. The rabbits will be usually checked by TSA so that all takes time.

As soon as you get seated make sure you get the tag from the kennel that means the kennel is on board otherwise get assistance. Believe me I did it before 🙂.

Here is a picture with the wheel cart (or furniture cart) to roll the kennel better.

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