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"Babies on the Wire" by Tex Thomas

It’s an unfortunate truth that the expectant mother doesn’t always hit the nest box with some or all of her litter. These kits can often be saved if immediate action is taken. Depending on the temperature and the amount of time before you have found the babies outside of the nest box, they will probably appear stiff, cold and lifeless. Don’t assume they are terminal. Immediately gather the cold kits and take them to a warm area, wrap them in towel, and place a hair dryer to blow on the bundle. Keep the dryer about 6 inches from the towel and constantly check the contents to insure they are not overheating.

If the animals are savable, you should see some movement within 5 minutes. When the kits start to move, keep the dryer blowing on them until they have a chance to thoroughly warm. As they warm, check their temperatures of the kits and move the dryer progressively back to avoid overheating. Once the kits are warmed they will normally become very active, and at this point they are ready to be reintroduced back with the doe.

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