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Winter Weather Series Topic: "Winter Water" by Tex Thomas

Supplying drinkable water to rabbits during the winter months is critical to both their health and performance. Assuming you do not have any form of automated water system, you need to have contingency plans for extended periods of freezing weather and frozen water bowls.

Nothing tests the metal of a rabbit breeder more than having to chip ice in the winter. While this can’t be totally alleviated in colder climates, it can be mitigated to a certain degree. One method is to only fill the crocks ¼ full as you water. The rabbit is going to drink immediately and that allows you to add the same ¼ filling later in the day, even if it is over ice.

Having two sets of crocks for every cage is an advantage in very cold climates. One set can be brought into a warm area to thaw while the second set is used to

water the animal. You don’t have to totally thaw the frozen crock, as an hour in a warm environment will normally allow the ice to slide out easily. You may find that it helps to spray a crock down with a cooking release product, which makes the ice release easier—especially if you only have one set of crocks and have to chip out the ice.

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