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"Attending the Convention" by Tex Thomas

I hope many of our customers are planning to attend the ARBA convention in Louisville, KY, this fall. For rabbit enthusiasts, this is the highlight of the year. It doesn’t matter if you are an old time breeder or a first time attendee, everyone finds something to enjoy at these conventions.

If you plan to go, your first action should be to order a convention catalog. This will provide you guidance on the rules for entry, as well as times for meetings or presentations you might wish to attend.

If you are entering animals, pay particular attention to the entry deadlines and allowances for substitutions. Check the listing of hotels in the area and be sure that you get a reservation.

Hotels close to the convention center tend to fill up quickly, plus there are often other unrelated attractions, which tend to tie up room reservations early. Be sure to plan your arrival within the operating hours for checking in and receiving rabbits.

If your area of interest is only one or two breeds, plan on tying in with that specialty clubs booth to find the planned activities—such as specialty club banquets, changes of club general meeting, judging time for your breed, etc. Finally, go with a positive attitude and plan on having fun—you will be rewarded.

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